🎲MagestiK rules

Number of players: 2 to 8

Public: 10+

Duration of a fast turn timeout game: 30mins (2-3 players) to 1h+ for 6+ players

Principle and purpose of the game

Each player plays the role of a mage in search of magical power. The goal of the game is to be the player who ends a round with at least 8 gems and more gems than the other players. If there is a tie, a new round is played. There are several ways to obtain, or steal gems: the deck, mage staff spells and dragon attacks.


The MagestiK game bot setup the installation of each player. Each player gets one white energy and two random gems. The Bot randomly draws a Master Mage amongst the players. He/she chooses his/her staff first.

Game items

Gems and Energies

There are five colors of gems and six colors of energies:


Dragons are awake when recruited. Dragons stay in play as long as they don't die due to combat or a spell. One exception is the ephemeral dragon, which dies spontaneously at the beginning of the owning player's next turn.

The Mage's Staff cards

A dragon on a staff card means a dragon recruitment spell. A dragon behind a red cross means a spell to kill a dragon. A magpie followed by the item(s) stolen means theft spells.

Description of each staff card

Flow of a game round

Phase 1: Distribution of Gems

The MagestiK Bot deals each player one random gem (except in the first round, as each player has two gems already).

Phase 2: Selection of the Mage Staffs

The players take turns selecting their mage staff for the round. To select a staff, a player looks at the available staff cards, secretly chooses one. The procedure for this phase is as follows:

  1. The bot discards face-up cards so that no player can take them. The bot discards one card for 2 players, four cards for 3 players, three cards for 4 players, two cards for 5 players and one card for 6 players. No card are discarded face up for 7 or 8 players games.

  2. The Master Mage call the /play command and selects one Mage staff.

  3. The Bot randomly discards one card face down that is kept hidden to the players.

  4. The Bot calls each player to selects a staff with the /play command. Each time the Bot passes the remaining cards to the next player until the last player.

  5. The last player selects his staff*, then discards the remaining card face down (hidden from the other players), the others remaining cards are discarded face up by the Bot.

* In an 8-player game, the Bot retrieves the discarded card face down to give players a choice.

Phase 3: Calling up the staffs and players' turns

When all players have selected a staff, the Bot calls each taken staff in the following order: 1 - Cursed Staff, 2 - Thief Staff, 3 - Yellow Staff, 4 - Blue Staff, 5 - Enchanter Staff, 6 - Green Staff, 7 - Red Staff, 8 - Black Staff, 9 - Simulacra Staff.

The course of a player's turn

When a staff that has been chosen by a player is called:

  1. Step 1 – The Bot reveals the player's staff card

  2. Step 2 - The Bot gives the energy generated by his staff to the player unless he/she is cursed by the cursed staff.

  3. Step 3 - The Bot awakens the players sleeping dragons if he/she has any and kill his/her ephemeral dragons.

  4. Step 4 - During this step, the player calls the /play command. He can perform various optional actions in any order he wishes:

    • Play spells from his staff. He can play as many spells as he wants as long as he has the required energy to cast the spell.

    • Attack other players with his dragons to steal gems.

  5. Step 5 - The player selects <End your turn> in the discord /play menu


When all players have played, if one player has at least 8 gems and more gems than the others, he wins the game. If not, the next round is played.

Flow of dragon attacks

A player can attack with their dragons during his turn. Each attack targets a player. Multiple dragons can attack the same player at the same time. Each dragon that attacks, potentially allows the attacking player to steal one gem from the attacked player. Dragons that don't attack can protect the player until their next turn. There are three steps to a dragon attack:

1 - The announcement

With the Bot menu, the player whose turn it is designates the player he/she is attacking. He/she can then add one or more of his/her awakened dragons to the attack. Then, he/she launches the attack with the Bot menu. These dragons can no longer attack during the player's turn.

2 - Defense

The attacked player can use one of their awakened dragons to block the attack of each attacking dragon. If the attacked player has an awakened dragon, for each attacking dragon, the Bot calls him/her to either let pass the dragon or to designate the dragon he/she wishes to have fight against it. If several dragons attack the player at once, each of his/her awakened dragons can only block one attacking dragon during this attack.

3 - The fight

The attacker takes one gem of his/her choice from the attacked player for each attacking dragon that does not fight another dragon. If two dragons fight, powers of the dragons are compared. Two situations are possible:

  • The dragons have different powers: the dragon with the lower power is killed,

  • The powers of the dragons are equal: both dragons are killed.

If the attacking dragon survives the attack, the Bot puts it to sleep. It can't be used as a defense dragon until the player's next turn, except for ephemeral dragons.

Rules for two players (1 vs 1)

The rules are slightly different from the 3 to 8 players version : everything is similar except for the fact that:

  • the Bot deals two gems to each player in phase 1 instead of one.

  • each player must choose 2 staffs per round, and each time a player chooses a staff, the bot discards a staff face-down before the other player selects his/her staff. So each player plays twice per round,

  • dragons only wake up on the turn of the first staff picked.

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