🎴MagestiK : The Game


MagestiK is a community driven tabletop game project. The project is based on a game designed by me (Carolus).

MagestiK is a non profesionnal project, where passionnate contributors spend their free time developping the game, making it evolve, building expansions... and making the project going further. As a result, we decided to not set any hard deadline on our roadmap.

Depending on our available free time and money, we will advance further and in an adaptative way through the project, taking decisions according to our available ressources but without pressure (as they are already enough in life in general).

If you want to support the project, please read this whitepaper first, discuss with the team on discord this gives us a lot of insights. If you consider bringing financial support to the project, you might be interested to mint our NFTs:

Please keep in mind that due to the non professionnal nature of this project, even if holding our NFTs comes with benefits, do not consider minting our NFTs as investments, but rather as donations.

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